Concrete cruncher
Concrete pulverize attached to an EX 210 or EX 300 for all types of concrete demolition.

When the ground is too hard to dig through, put a one tooth ripper on the EX 300 and rip it.

Clearing Rakes
Clearing Rakes Attach to an excavator or dozer for large land clearing project.

Hoe Paks
Hoe Paks can be attached to the EX 200 for rapid compaction of trenches, backfill for buildings etc..

Concrete Breakers
We have a range of concrete breakers to fit all sizes of excavators. Perfect for breaking down buildings, walls, and floor slabs. No concrete slab is too thick for our breakers.

Long Arm
Long arm, The EX 200 has a 55 foot reach

Steel Shear
Perfect for demolishing steel buildings.