Site Prep

Our Local 115 Union affiliated company SPC РSite Prep Contracting Ltd. specializes in the site preparation contracting business, which includes hourly equipment rental of excavators ranging in size from EX120 to EX600. All excavators can be equipped with various attachments such as hoepaks, concrete breakers, rippers, steel shears and concrete pulverizes.

SPC also offers a complete range of track dozers ranging from D3 to D9, which also can be equipped with attachments such as lasers, cleaning rakes and rippers. Other equipment services also offered include rubber tire backhoes and wheel loaders (966 – 980 size).

All of our operators are well known in the industry and have extensive years of experience. I am confident that if site preparation is in your scope of work, SPC – Site Prep Contracting will be able to help.

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